Negotiate My Package



The Art of Asking

Repeatedly, we have heard the maxims, “ask and you shall receive”, “close mouths don’t get fed”, or “knock and the door will be opened” said in one way or another. I proffer the general point in the form of another adage - if you do not ask, the answer will always be no. On more tha...



You got the job. Now, how do you negotiate your package?

You’re sitting in your third and final interview, and your prospective employer says, “We would like to work up an offer. What is your salary requirement?” A little bead of perspiration streams down your back. What am I worth? If I ask for too much will they withdraw the offer? If I don...



Job Security

Job security is a common concern among academic scientists who are considering transitioning to professional careers outside academia. Presumably, these concerns are based on the horror stories of employees being “pink slipped” for no apparent reason, and the lack of any kind of an “all-protec...



Should you sign a non-compete?

Absolutely, you can! But make sure you get all the facts so you can decide if it is acceptable to you before you accept an offer! When I accepted a job as a scientific recruiter, I had no idea that I would have to sign a non-compete form. This was not mentioned in any of my interviews or conver...



The new job, negotiation and 2 weeks notice

In my previous instalment, I talked about the process of getting an interview for my position as a lab manager, my interactions with prospective bosses, and the offer I got. Today, I'll talk about when the offer was made, how and when I told my former lab, and how I got to where I am after the inter...


Thomas Patrick

Working With Independent Recruiters Pt 4: “Show them the money”?

As you can guess, this installment is about “the money question”... We’re not talking about salary negotiations.  Rather, I have some strategies to help you answer the recruiters when they ask you the following: “How much money are you making, anyway”?Most folks answer with somet...



How To Evaluate A Job Offer

The current economic downturn and high unemployment rate have, no doubt, created the common mind-set of “If you have a job offer, don’t be picky. Just take it.” These are the words of a friend of mine when she got an offer at a well-known biotech company recently. She felt that she was not in ...



WIST 2011 – The Art of negotiation

At the Women in Science and Technology conference, the final workshop I attended was given by Linda Baracs, a professor of law, ethics and negotiation at the University of San Diego.  Her workshop was entitled, He Said, She Said: The Art of Negotiation.  Linda gave an exceptional workshop,...



Salary expectations in the federal government

I was recently contacted by a recruiter about a job opening.  He caught me off-guard (mistake on my part) with the question, “What are your salary expectations?”Like any excellent scientist would do, rather than giving him an answer, I turned his question into another question, “Well, wha...